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In a profoundly moving new documentary, "All Our Sons – Fallen Heroes of 9/11," the families of those African American firefighters who perished in the World Trade Towers share their pride and their pain. Skillfully integrating news footage with sometimes wrenching, exclusive interviews, director Lillian Benson's film paints a vivid portrait of men like Leon Smith Jr., who declared at age nine, "Yes I am, Mommy. I am going to become a firefighter." And he did. But on 9/11, Leon entered one of the towers just minutes before it collapsed.

"All Our Sons" is a loving tribute to men like Leon; but it is also the willful effort to document the lives of a people whose faces are frequently framed outside the focus of American media, and whose history is too often scribbled in the margins of the American journal.

All Our Sons features interviews with the families of Gerard Baptiste, Vernon Cherry, Tarel Coleman, William "Buddy" Henry, Dennis Mojica, Shawn Powell,Vernon Richard, and Leon Smith.


All Our Sons – Fallen Heroes of 9/11 was produced by Lightwave Pictures, Santa Monica, CA

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